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Mil-tek Middle East
Balers & Compactors

We offer a range of balers for cardboard and plastic, compactors for mixed waste, crushers for metal cans and drums, styrofoam/polystyrene compactors, and hydraulic compactors.
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Choose Your Material to Recycle

Cardboard, Plastic, PET Bottles, General Waste or Food Waste, Styrofoam/Polystyrene, Aluminum or Metal Cans, Tin Cans & Drums; We can help you handle and recycle your waste more efficiently.

90 % Volume Reduction

By using a baler, you can minimize cardboard, plastic and other waste types by up to 90%.

“Our mission is to spread the word in the whole Middle East, that the future for our world and generations to come, it is with recycling.”

Asad Aziz Babar, Managing Director of Mil-tek Middle East

Balers for Rent

Pneumatic Cardboard & Plastic Balers, Metal Can Crushers, Waste Compactors, Polystyrene Compactors and Hydraulic Balers.

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Balers and Compactors

What machine will best suit your business? Browse through our range of balers and compactors, and compare specifications to find the best solution.

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Are you interested in Baler Twine, Banding, Plastic Bags, and Accessories?

Mil-tek’s Original Banding, Plastic Compactor Bags, and everything else you need to keep your baler or compactor stocked are available for purchase on the website.

Learn more about cardboard balers

Cardboard waste is perfect for baling; look at how to do it.

In search of a Plastic Baler?

Mil-tek’s assortment of plastic baling products includes a variety of options

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