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General / Mixed Waste Compacting Solutions

3:1 Compaction | 50% Savings on Disposal Costs | Increased Hygiene

General Waste Compactors

Compact mixed waste, food waste and other non-biodegradable packaging safely and hygienically.

Compacting General Waste

Waste management in Dubai is a complex operation, and the way businesses manage waste recycling is a clear sign of the level of standards businesses set to attain a hygienic, economic, and environment-friendly business space.

Mil-tek offers a comprehensive range of recycling and waste management machinery designed to meet the needs of modern-day clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE.


Compact Large Volumes of Waste

Mil-tek X-Press Compactors offer a unique solution for compacting general/mixed waste, achieving an effective volume reduction ratio of up to 10:1.

Mil-tek waste compactor machines have the capability to apply high-level of compression and compress the loose debris that results in denser, fuller bags of compressed waste materials.

Compact Kitchen Waste

A stainless steel, oil-free Mil-tek waste compactor machine can be fitted directly into your kitchen space to allow convenient, safe and tested waste compaction.

Available with both fixed frame units or sliding wagons and in stainless steel, the Mil-tek waste compactor is ideal for any working environment, including modular and uneven surfaces.

Moving Compacted Waste

Compacting mixed waste in a Mil-tek waste press decreases the volume by a ratio of 10:1. With a trusted stainless steel lift trolley, you can avoid all the heavy work by simply sliding the bag onto the lifting plate, and bring them to your disposal area.

This results in fewer trips to bins, fewer trash collections, and a reduction in time and cost of waste disposal.

Waste Compaction Improves Sanitation

Compacting trash allows for containment of harmful bacteria that can compromise the integrity of the working environment. Better compartmentalization and storage limits the risk of disease or sickness spreading through the workplace.

Keeping refuse in closed containers projects a more organized and systematic image, which is good for both the business and the brand.

Hygienic Garbage Compaction

Garbage compaction helps in minimizing the spread of germs, odour and airborne contaminants, which is a prevalent problem in summer months and in warmer climes.

Compacting waste seals in these contaminants, reducing the risk of spread and contributes to a hygienic working environment.

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