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As the leading Waste Recycling Company in the UAE and across the Middle East, Mil-tek are here to help you save time, space and money on your waste management.

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Mil-tek is the leading supplier of waste recycling solutions to companies across the Middle East. From our base in Dubai we offer bespoke solutions for all potential clients across UAE and rest of Middle East region, so you shouldn’t have to look far to find your nearest branch of Mil-tek in the Middle East.

About Mil-tek Middle East Recycling & Waste Solutions

Mil-tek ME, established in 2006, is the Hub Office for Mil-tek Balers & Compactors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region.

From Dubai, Mil-tek ME has been providing unique waste management solutions, waste balers, compactors and environmental solutions to all of the Middle East Countries in various market segments, with a physical presence in Dubai, and agents in GCC Countries.

The Technical and Sales Staff from Mil-tek Middle East provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to Mil-tek customers. We provide Sales Support, Prepare Carbon Footprint Reports, Waste Handling Studies & Proposals, Feasibility & ROI Reports, Time and Motion Studies, Training and Installations as well as providing Technical Support and Service.

The Mil-tek Sales Team comprises highly-trained Waste Management Consultants, with a full knowledge of waste types, waste values, recycling loops, and a complete understanding of effective waste handling systems.

With three trained Mil-tek Engineers and two Mobile Workshops, we cover the whole of UAE. If need be, Mil-tek Engineers fly to the GCC countries for Installation, Repair, and Training. Mil-tek ME holds all Spare Parts, Machines & Accessories in Stock at Jebel Ali, Dubai.

Mil-tek, now a market leader in waste management and recycling, has provided waste handling solutions in most of the market segments including the Manufacturing, Logistics Industry, Plastic & Packaging Industry, Food Industry, Retail Industry, and Hotels & Resorts

Mil-tek Solutions hold a unique position in the market. Mil-tek not only provides solutions but also helps in spreading awareness for Waste Recycling and Sustainability. For Mil-tek, It is our moral obligation to educate and spread knowledge for saving the local environment.

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