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Styrofoam / Polystyrene Compacting Solutions for recycling

  • Compaction ratio of 40:1
  • Save on Disposal Costs
  • Earn Money by Recycling it

Businesses have historically had difficulty properly disposing of EPS in quantity. not anymore.

Expanded Polystyrene Compactors

Businesses handling large volumes of EPS6 have the perfect solution to shred, compact and recycle polystyrene

What to do With Polystyrene Waste?

Expanded Polystyrene (also called Styrofoam) is extremely useful for packaging in many industries including fresh fish and fruit, consumer goods, and technology.

It can take hundreds of years for expanded polystyrene to biodegrade, but it can also be compacted and recycled in a Mil-tek EPS compactor.

What Kind of Expanded Polystyrene Can I Recycle?

Also known as Styrofoam or EPS-foam, expanded polystyrene is lightweight, low-cost, impermeable, shock-absorbent, and provides excellent all-round protection for goods.

There are many different forms including molded sheets for building and packaging peanuts, but the most commonly used form is EPS6, which can be recycled in a Mil-tek EPS Compactor.

Better Waste Handling

Better handling isn’t about handling your trash more efficiently. It’s about managing the volume and the cost of waste disposal, reducing both where possible, and trying to generate revenue at the same time.

EPS is often bagged and disposed of in bulk, at significant cost. A Mil-tek EPS Compactor allows you to convert that cost to revenue and the volume to space.

Compacting Expanded Polystyrene

A Mil-tek EPS Compactor works in two stages. First, the expanded polystyrene is shredded to remove the shape and the air (97%) contained.

This is then heated, compacted, and reformed into a briquette. The briquette is exceptionally dense (18 lbs per cubic ft) with an overall volume reduction of 40:1.

Earn Money by Recycling Polystyrene

Recycled EPS6 briquettes can be used to make mobile phone covers, DVD cases, and many other cheap consumer goods.

By processing expanded polystyrene using a Mil-tek EPS compactor, you not only make substantial savings compared to sending it in bulk to landfills but also create a lucrative revenue stream.

Disposing of Expanded Polystyrene

We place user-friendliness, safety, and simplicity at the forefront when we design our EPS compactors.

By providing your staff with the tools it needs to dispose of polystyrene in an environmentally friendly manner, you ensure a more positive undertaking by all involved.

Shred, Compact & Recycle Styrofoam with Mil-tek EPS Solution

The EPS (expanded polystyrene) is commonly used for packaging by electronics manufacturers, distributors, fisheries, and food processing industries to protect products during transportation. Mil-tek offers ideal Polystyrene compacting solutions which shreds the large styrofoam boxes into small pieces and then extrudes them into solid blocks. These blocks are then sold to recyclers who create new plastic products or components.

The volume compaction by 40:1 helps to make substantial savings on waste disposal costs as well as it helps to generate revenue for the companies by selling blocks to recyclers at top market prices.

EPS 1000

Small polystyrene compactor from Mil-tek

EPS 2000

Large polystyrene compactor from Mil-tek

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