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Waste Management for the Food Manufacturing Industry

For industries within food manufacturing, such as food traders, dairy companies, frozen foods, meat processing etc., efficient and hygienic waste management is crucial.

Types of waste in the food manufacturing industry

The food manufacturing industry is one of the most significant contributors to various waste streams. Efficiently managing this waste is not only an environmental imperative but also a pathway to operational and economic efficiency.

Waste arises at multiple stages of food production

General mixed waste often includes organic material, such as food scraps or by-products that are not used in the final product. Packaging waste constitutes a substantial part of the waste stream as well, as the industry relies heavily on cardboard and plastic for packaging. These materials, while integral for preserving and transporting products, contribute significantly to high disposal costs and environmental pollution when not disposed of responsibly.

Pneumatic, oil-free balers in food production

Integrating balers and compactors at the end of the production line for packaging materials ensures that waste is managed efficiently as soon as it is generated. Mil-tek pneumatic balers are 100% oil-free, and therefore ideal for companies within food processing, dependent on avoiding cross-contamination. These balers can be installed on an existing airline, compacting all cardboard and plastic packaging waste with 90% volume reduction.

  • 90 % Volume Reduction
  • Reduce Internal Logistics
  • Minimize Handling Cost
  • Increased Hygiene & Sanitation

Integrated and Hygienic Waste Management

Food production facilities have very specific requirements regarding waste management as they need to improve hygiene and sanitation besides reducing their disposal costs. The waste handling and recycling solution for food manufacturing industries needs to be integrated as a seamless part of the production, rather than being a by-product.

Compact general mixed waste in a compactor by 10:1

Mil-tek’s range of compactors for mixed waste are designed for environments like food manufacturing facilities. They are small-size, so can be installed close to general waste generation points for easy handling of waste in the best manner. With Mil-tek General Waste Compactor Model XP200s (Stainless Steel) waste can be compacted with 90% volume reduction. The number of Skips can be reduced with a ratio of 3:1 minimum and 10:1 maximum.


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