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About Mil-tek Lebanon

Mil-tek sells, rents, installs and maintains commercial waste balers and compactor machines for companies of different industries and various sizes in Lebanon. The equipment is developed to deal with high volumes of trash created from commercial activities. The machines used in large-scale operations can process cardboard, paper, soft plastic/hard plastic, steel cans, EPS expandable polystyrene, hazardous waste, and general waste. Mil-tek specializes in recycling solutions that help lower waste disposal costs and, in some cases, add new revenue streams.

After new legislation was introduced to promote recycling, companies in Lebanon have been forced to give more thought to their methods of waste disposal. The use of a waste baler or compactor is largely regarded as the way to deal with large and complex waste. Besides achieving recycling targets, companies can lower their carbon footprint by reducing the frequency of waste collections and keeping the premises tidy. The recycling solutions brought about by Mil-tek significantly reduce the amount of storage needed for waste, enabling more efficient use of the available space.

Businesses that join the mission and go all-in on recycling contribute to developing a culture of sustainability in Lebanon and the region. Mil-tek clients enjoy great advantages, such as access to a reliable, ground-breaking, and comprehensive range of products. That’s without mentioning the technical support and a wealth of knowledge and product servicing also available.

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