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Horizontal Balers

Large, industrial-scale hydraulic baling machines
with upwards of 60 tonnes of pressing force.

Handle heavy and continuous waste volumes efficiently

Mil-tek horizontal balers are industrial-scale hydraulic baling machines, essential for managing substantial volumes of waste. They are designed for heavy and continuous use in locations that produce large amounts of cardboard, plastic and other packaging business waste.

Perfect for large-scale operations in the Middle East, including:

  • Recycling facilities
  • Logistics
  • Distribution centres
  • Large supermarkets
  • Manufacturing

Wide filling chambers and automated bale-ejection

Bales produced from horizontal baler machines can be upwards of 550kg in weight depending on the material used and the material throughput.

The mill-size bales are easily tied followed by an automated bale-ejection process – a key feature of horizontal balers.

The wide filling chambers accommodate various types of waste and are compatible with bin tipping equipment.

A range of horizontal baler options to meet various needs

An ideal entry level semi-automatic baler machine.

One of our most popular horizontal balers.

An excellent solution for industries with substantial volumes of waste.

Watch the video:
Horizontal balers operating at DULSCO’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

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