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Polystyrene Recycling Machines

Polystyrene is a widely used plastic packaging material. Most of the time, you will find it used inside boxes to secure electronic items, appliances, furniture, and other objects that may risk damage during transportation or storage. Polystyrene is also commonly used for food packaging, as most delivery containers are made of polystyrene.

EPS1000 Polystyrene Compactor

With a volume reduction ratio of 40:1 and a maximum hourly capacity of 15 kg, the EPS1000 is an excellent polystyrene compactor for small to moderate waste volumes.

EPS2000 Polystyrene Compactor

The EPS2000 is the optimal solution for larger quantities of polystyrene waste. It can compress up to 70 kilograms per hour and produces blocks that are 40:1 compacted, resulting in 300 kilograms per cubic meter.

Polystyrene compactor or EPS compactor

Because it is made out of liquid hydrocarbon, polystyrene is very light and easy to manipulate, meaning it won’t add to the weight of a package. Still, there is one downfall to this: many forms of polystyrene cannot be recycled, meaning it could all potentially end up in landfill where it takes hundreds of years to degrade.

New types of expanded polystyrene like EPS6 can, however, be turned into reusable material if it is collected, compacted, and disposed of the right way. EPS compacting is not a difficult process, provided that you have a suitable compactor.

Find a suitable solution

If you run a company in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, or the Middle East in general and your business is generating large amounts of EPS waste, it is time you find a suitable solution to properly dispose of it. This is where Mil-tek UAE can come to help.

What are Polystyrene, Expanded Polystyrene, Airpop, and EPS?

All of the aforementioned terms refer to the same file format, although airpop and EPS – and most frequently EPS6 – are the most commonly used terms today. EPS6 is a well-known plastic packaging material used to encase food items, groceries, seafood, electronic goods/appliances, and furniture, among other things.

If your business generates a substantial quantity of polystyrene waste, you must dispose of it properly. That is precisely what a polystyrene compactor can accomplish.

Reusing expanded polystyrene

Because EPS is pervasive and disposable, it readily becomes white pollution. As a result, and if placed in landfills, EPS waste can emit chemicals that can pollute soil and water. Recycling EPS6 reduces the environmental impact of sending unwieldy material to landfills by converting it into a commercially viable material. In addition, polystyrene is 100 percent recyclable.

As a company with small or large quantities of EPS waste, you can dispose of it easily and correctly with a polystyrene recycling machine, thereby increasing your company’s sustainability and contributing to environmental protection.

Installation of a polystyrene compactor

The installation of a Mil-tek expanded polystyrene machine will be performed by a trained technician, who will also assist in determining its optimal location in order to optimize workflow. The unique performance of the compacting machine will keep recyclable materials secure and prevent pollution, while significantly reducing the waste stream.

EPS blocks/briquettes are simple to collect, palletize, and transport for sale and further processing.

Why choose a Mil-tek Expanded Polystyrene Compactor?

With close to 30 years of experience in the field, Mil-tek provides a range of commercial EPS recycling machines for sale or for hire, suited for all companies that want to reduce the waste they generate. Our range includes small and large compactors to ensure your company can take advantage of our EPS compacting solutions.

We service companies of all sizes throughout 30 countries, and we understand that each business has unique needs when it comes to commercial polystyrene recycling, so we provide a wide variety of solutions that aim to help businesses minimize wasted space, save money, and reach their sustainability goals.

Is an EPS compactor expensive?

Mil-tek understands that businesses in the UAE are constantly looking for ways to reduce operational costs, which is why Miltek is committed to providing cost-effective solutions to their waste management needs.
By using polystyrene compacting machines, you can significantly reduce the volume of waste inside your company by up to 40:1.

Polystyrene compactor prices vary based on the needs of your business, and if you need help choosing an appropriate option for your company, our team is here to help.
Don’t hesitate to contact us today and schedule a free site visit to ensure you are getting the best possible solution to make EPS compacting an easy task.

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