GC100 Glass Crusher

GC100 Glass Crusher

The GC100 Glass Crusher is suitable for bars, pubs, and restaurants due to its small footprint. It is designed to accommodate under a standard bar counter, where it reduces the volume of bottles by 80% while operating in silence.

  • Auto-start
  • Volume reduction of 80%
  • Crushes bottles up to 1 L
  • Crushes 100 bottles in 2 minutes
  • Ideal for front-of-house installation
  • Creates 100% recyclable crushed glass

Busy bars that utilize numerous glass bottles can benefit tremendously from the GC100 Glass Crusher.

It is compact enough to fit under a standard counter and quiet enough to operate without causing noise disturbances.


The GC100 Glass Crusher is an ideal piece of equipment for contemporary bars, restaurants, and cafés. Its small dimensions and low noise level allow it to be installed beneath the majority of standard bar counters.

The machine accepts bottles through an opening, where the glass is crushed and collected in a receptacle. With a capacity of up to 95 bottles, the crushed glass or ‘cullet’ is 80% more compact and available for recycling.

In addition to saving time and space, the GC100 Glass Crusher allows employees to focus on consumers while remaining in the front of the house.

Technical specifications

Degree of compaction




18kg / 95 bottles


Machine Size


855 mm


600 mm


590 mm


106 kg


Noise level

68 dB(A)



ISO9001, CAUK & CE

GC100 Glass Crusher

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