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What to Use for Plastic Recycling?

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What to Use for Plastic Recycling?

Plastic is one of the most used materials of our era, but it is also one of the primary pollutants our environment has to deal with. This is why properly recycling plastic has become a necessity not only for ourselves but for the world around us as well.

Put simply, plastic recycling englobes the process of collecting plastic waste, cleaning, reprocessing, and reusing it to create new products. In the present time, statistics show we are using twenty times more plastic than the world was using 50 years ago, which makes repurposing old plastic a very important duty.

Nations worldwide are doing their best to reduce the use of plastic and find better recycling methods. For example, last year, Abu Dhabi’s Environmental Agency announced its plans to eliminate single-use plastic bags by the end of 2021.

Still, it is the duty of individuals and businesses alike to contribute to the change. This brings us to today’s topic of discussion: what can we use to recycle plastic properly?

Plastic recycling options

Businesses use tons of plastic each year, but a lot of this can be recycled and repurposed. The easiest option to do so is by installing balers that help with waste handling and recycling. These compactors can be found in multiple sizes, suited for small businesses and large corporations alike, and they are very easy to use. For example, Mil-tek sells a variety of plastic balers made to suit various waste volumes, producing bales that range from under 120 kg to 500 kg.

These types of machinery can be installed on the premises, and employees can use them to collect plastic waste. Once filled, a baler can be left overnight to compact the waste using pneumatic technology, removing air and reducing the size of the waste bale. The resulting plastic bale can then be collected by a recycling company and turned into reusable material.

Plastic compactors, such as Mil-tek’s A205 Plastic and Cardboard baler, can be used in households as well, to serve the same purpose. Plastic items can be collected and compacted, reducing waste and promoting a green way of living.

For these compactors to be fully efficient, however, users need to follow some basic recycling principles. Only place plastic items that can be recycled in these compactors and ensure all items are cleaned correctly to prevent contamination.

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