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What kind of cardboard should be loaded into the baler?

This guide will teach you which types of cardboard should be placed in a baler for recycling.

Cardboard balers are extremely adaptable

Businesses that generate a significant amount of cardboard waste invest in balers because they enable for more efficient waste management and contribute to environmental protection by recycling cardboard waste. In commercial and industrial sectors such as manufacturing, restaurants, retailers, hospitals, schools, and printers, cardboard balers are utilized frequently.

There are numerous varieties of cardboard. Cardboard balers are extremely versatile and can compress all varieties of cardboard, regardless of their size, shape, or intended purpose. Typically, a baler can accommodate entire cartons, plates, sheets, tubes, fiberboard, and paperboard.

“Cardboard balers are incredibly versatile and can compact ALL types of cardboard.”
However, you should take actions to increase its recyclability”

Cardboard should absolutely be recycled

Cardboard is a high-quality material; therefore, it should be recycled. Many businesses are willing to pay for cardboard scrap, so this can become a reliable source of income over time.

Cardboard that is contaminated, wet, and laminated can be placed in a baler, but it will lose its allure to recyclers.

If in doubt, try to steer by these guidelines:

  • Observe Consistency – Although it is permissible to combine cardboard types and shapes, recyclers will be much happier if the majority of a cardboard bale consists of a single type of cardboard
  • Avoid Contamination – Any cardboard that has come into direct contact with food is deemed contaminated and unsuitable for recycling
  • Don’t combine materials – Any cardboard containing plastic components or features, decorative elements, or lamination will diminish the bale’s value

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