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Is a Cardboard Baler Worth it?

The answer is yes! Balers are an efficient and cost-effective form of waste management. This guide discusses the advantages of purchasing a cardboard compactor for your business.

The inherent value in cardboard baler

If your business generates a substantial quantity of cardboard waste and disposes of it in bins, it is highly likely that you will benefit from installing a cardboard baler. Currently, you are squandering time, money, and space. A cardboard baler, however, is a different matter.

Why is a cardboard compactor the superior option for waste management? Simply stated, it will perform four functions that bins cannot…

Reduce expenses
By reducing collection frequency and increasing recycling, a cardboard baler has been shown to reduce waste management costs.

Save time with your cardboard waste management
Manually flattening boxes is a time-consuming procedure that has been shown to consume significantly more time than using a baler.

Save space on site
A cardboard baler not only compacts all empty cardboard boxes, but also functions as a convenient storage location for them. Not in view, not in mind.

Improve your business green credentials
Recycling is beneficial to both the environment and your company’s reputation, and a cardboard baler facilitates these efforts.

Lower your waste management costs

Due to the volume of the material, cardboard can be difficult to manage as a form of waste. But it is not only difficult. Not having an efficient refuse management solution in place is also costly.

Consider: storing cardboard in containers is not a good idea because the volume of the material will leave the bins nearly half empty. When you consider that you are paying to dispose of air, this is a waste of money.

By replacing these containers with a cardboard baler that ensures the material is sufficiently compact to save space, the high collection costs will be eliminated.

Save space on your business site

Again, the volume of cardboard as a material can consume a significant amount of space as you generate and store this debris at your business location until it is collected. This is especially difficult for small businesses operating in confined spaces. At the end of the day, it is ineffective to fill your space with cardboard debris.

This issue can be resolved by a cardboard baler, which compacts the material to take up substantially less space.

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