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How much does it cost to purchase a brand-new baler?

Learn about the various factors that determine the cost to purchase a brand-new waste baler from Mil-tek.

What is the price of a brand-new baler?

If your company generates a large amount of recyclable and non-recyclable refuse but still disposes of it using traditional bins, you are likely aware that this is an inefficient method. You end up with mounds upon mounds of refuse that must be disposed of; otherwise, it would consume a great deal of valuable space and be inconvenient for the business as a whole. What then can be done to increase the efficiency of this procedure?

Using specially designed balers and compactors to compact and store waste is the most effective method of waste disposal. These machines are specially designed to compact a variety of waste types into blocks that are readily stored, disposed of, and recycled. Depending on the type of refuse produced, balers and compactors come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Probably, you are pondering how much a brand-new baler costs. The price will depend on the type of baler you require, its dimensions, the amount of waste it can compact, and how you plan to finance it.

Small balers

Multiple sizes of waste balers are available, ranging from small/micro to extra large/ mill. Obviously, the smallest balers, which can load under 120 kg of refuse, are the cheapest. These are ideal for retailers, tiny manufacturing companies, and healthcare organizations.

Small balers for cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, and cans are available. You will need to select a compactor if you require a machine for glass or general refuse.

Medium balers

A baler that can compact over 100kg of waste is a wonderful option for retail, hospitality, restaurant, and catering businesses. These balers are more expensive, but they can compact between 100 and 180 kilograms of waste.

Medium-sized balers propelled by compressed air, hydraulics, or electricity are available and are typically used for cardboard and soft or hard plastic. The type of energy source influences the final price.

Large balers

Larger balers compactors produce waste bundles weighing between 180 and 300 kilograms, but they require a considerable amount of space (over 1 m2). These devices are ideal for businesses that generate large amounts of waste daily.

Utilized properly, these balers can significantly reduce waste volume and simplify waste management.

Mill-size balers

Mill-size options are available for businesses that need to compact more than 300 kg of refuse. These are the most expensive balers, as they are large devices that can compact up to 500 kg of waste into’mill-size’ bales that are suitable for recycling.

They are ideal for industrial businesses such as warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturers, and recyclers, as they make it much simpler to manage heavy waste loads in an efficient manner.

Other factors to consider: energy source and financing

Balers typically feature electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic power sources. The price can differ based on the type of machine. In addition, the energy required to operate the machine varies depending on whether it is powered by single- or three-phase electricity or compressed air.

Additionally, financing is an essential factor. Instead of purchasing recycling equipment outright, many businesses rent it, allowing them to spread out the cost. There are multiple options available, including rental, leasing, and hire purchase.

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