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How does a commercial can crusher operate?

This guide provides information about can crushers and how they can improve your waste management.

Can crushers for recycling

The culinary and catering, manufacturing, automotive, and medical industries can benefit greatly from the use of an industrial, heavy-duty can crusher. These industries use cans of paint, foods, and lubricants frequently in their daily operations. And since such cans frequently contain refuse that can be untidy, damaging, or even hazardous to the working environment, it is best to store them in small, confined areas. With the use of an industrial can crusher, the refuse volume can be reduced by up to 90%, resulting in a substantial reduction in waste disposal expenses. Furthermore, compacting the cans makes them simpler to recycle.

How industrial can crushers function

Industrial can crushers crush cans using a pressurized metal plate, also known as a pressing plate, that is propelled downward by a piston. This force flattens cans to approximately 10% of their original size. Mil-tek can crushers are compact, simple to install, and simple to operate. As a result, the majority of employees can learn to operate one quickly. Installation varies by model, but you will typically need to connect a pneumatic model to a compressed air supply and an electrical model to a receptacle.

You can easily position a freestanding can crusher precisely where you need to pulverize cans on a daily basis.

Instructions for using a can crusher:

  • Ensure that the individual operating the machine is trained or that a trained individual is present and supervising the operation
  • It is not necessary to sanitize cans prior to crushing them, but it is recommended to do so in order to prolong the life of the can crusher
  • Insert the emptied can in an upright position into the machine
  • Close the door and firmly depress the handle to engage the pressing plate
  • Raise the handle and remove the compressed can
  • Keep the cans in an appropriate location until they are collected

More tips on can crushers

Clearly, can crushers are incredibly simple to operate. However, this machine still raises concerns such as:

What types of cans are compatible with a can crusher?
The Mil-tek can crusher is not limited to crushing only aluminium cans, tin cans, or paint cans. An industrial can crusher can be used with all types of cans up to approximately 25 litres in size.

Can a can crusher be used both indoors and outdoors?
Yes! However, ensure that the equipment is protected by situating it in a covered area so that extreme weather conditions do not affect its performance. Mil-tek also offers a can crusher made of stainless steel for consumers with specialized needs.

How loud is a can crusher?
The majority of pneumatic can crushers only require a connection to a compressor that serves as their powerplant.

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