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How do you prepare cardboard for recycling?

Recycling cardboard is the only responsible method to dispose of it; therefore, it is essential to do so properly. Here’s how.

Recycling cardboard is the more sustainable option

If the quality is maintained, cardboard and paper are valuable resources that can be reused multiple times. At the same time, it is obviously more sustainable to recycle cardboard, as the production of new cardboard requires the use of chemicals, water, and, last but not least, the felling of additional trees.

Therefore, as an organization, you can help conserve energy and natural resources by recycling your cardboard waste. Recycling cardboard will also reduce your costs associated with refuse disposal.

Collect cardboard waste at designated collection points

Possessing a centrally located collection area for cardboard allows you to dispose of it at the location where cardboard waste is generated.

Additionally, reduce the size of the cardboard boxes, as this makes it much simpler for waste collectors to handle the trash. You may use a box cutter, scissors, or a knife to remove packaging labels and other packaging components. Then, a cardboard baler will assist you in compressing the cardboard waste into a bale.

Break down the boxes

Boxes that have been flattened are simpler for recyclers to handle because they take up less space in the bin and the collection truck.In this regard, disassembling the cardboard crates is a necessary task.

To remove packaging labels and bubble wrap or packing pellets, you can use a box cutter, scissors, or a knife.

Remove contaminated cardboard from circulation

Sorting cardboard waste is essential because it helps to ensure that only recyclable cardboard is collected by waste collectors.

For a comprehensive overview of categorizing cardboard, see our guide to the types of cardboard that can be baled. Remember that dirty or damp cardboard cartons cannot be recycled.

Your used cardboard is recycled into new, viable cardboard

Find a local company that will collect your cardboard for recycling. This ensures that your cardboard refuse will be collected on time and appropriately disposed of.

Once cardboard has been collected, it is sorted at a recycling plant and then sent to factories where it is used to manufacture new cardboard. The majority of cardboard collected in Denmark is shipped overseas to cardboard factories. Typically, they then sell the newly manufactured (and recycled!) cardboard to packaging companies.

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