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Compression of plastic bottles with a reduction of up to 90%

A Mil-tek compactor can reduce the volume of plastic bottles by up to 90 percent. See our test in which tens of thousands of PET bottles are compressed into a single container!

Compression of PET bottles

PET bottle disposal is a significant issue that the food industry confronts in particular. As plastic bottles occupy a great deal of space, they should ideally be compressed in order to save space and facilitate transportation for recycling.

The removal of air from PET bottles is one of the greatest obstacles to effectively reducing the volume of these containers. To accomplish this requires a high compression force capable of puncturing the bottles and compressing them securely. This can be handled with a plastic compactor. For the sake of work efficiency, it is essential that this also has a sufficiently large filling aperture, as you typically fill many bottles.

Hydraulic balers from Mil-tek are the best option for compressing large quantities of PET bottles.

Thousands of PET bottles compressed into 1 bale

Mil-tek has conducted a lighthearted experiment to demonstrate the impact a baler can have on waste management – in this instance, if you have an abundance of plastic bottles.

In the image, you can see how much the plastic vessels were initially filled with.

For the evaluation, we utilized a Mil-tek Mill Size H501 baler.

Reduces plastic bottles significantly

The image depicts the outcome of the compression. It is quite mind-boggling that tens of thousands of plastic bottles, which originally occupied a great deal, can be compressed into a 217-kilogram bale. The bale can be placed on a standard Euro pallet and is therefore readily transportable.

Before the test, all capsules were removed from the receptacles and their excess contents were emptied. This makes the final product (the compressed bale) substantially more desirable among local renovators who must collect it.

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