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Rented Waste Compactor reduced 6 skips to 2 at Ibis Hotel

Ibis Al Barsha hotel rented a Waste Compactor from Mil-tek, and achieved significant benefits over a short period of time.

A single Waste Compactor reduced skips by 66 percent

Other than increasing hygiene and sanitation and maximizing storage capacity by 4 x, the Ibis Hotel also reduced skips by 66,6 % – from 6 skips to only 2.


High waste disposal costs at Ibis Hotel, Dubai

For a hotel to become more sustainable, cut expenses, and uphold a its moral obligation to protect the environment, a proper waste management is crucial.

At the Ibis Al Barsha hotel, that is located between the Marina and Downtown of Dubai, the occupancy is high most of the year. As a result, the hotel generates a continuous and huge flow of waste, which incur high disposal costs and entails various other challenges.

Compacting waste from hotels

Mil-tek installed an XP200S Waste Compactor, on a Rental agreement, which now compacts mixed waste such as leftover meals and preparation waste from hotel restaurants, food scraps, and more general waste types with a 3 : 1 ratio.

As a result, Ibis Hotel’s disposal costs are minimized significantly. In addition, their waste room is much more clean and tidy.

With the installation of the Compactor came a Mil-tek compressor to run the machine, as well as a Lift Trolley to handle the heavy bags of compacted waste.

Benefits gained from rented Waste Compactor

A rental solution such as this one at Ibis Hotel, results in many positive changes to a hotel waste management:

  • Rental – no capital investment
  • Free maintenance and spare parts
  • Saved disposal costs by more than 50%
  • 6 skips have been reduced to only 2
  • Storage capacity maximized by 4 x
  • Increased hygiene and sanitation
  • Clean and tidy waste room

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