General / Mixed Waste Compacting Solutions 

3 to 1 Compaction Ratio   |   50% Savings on Disposal Cost   |   Increased Hygiene & Sanitation

Reduce Waste Disposal Cost by more than 50%

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The Mil-tek's waste compaction solutions are suitable for a variety of businesses such as kitchens, food preparation sites, hospitals, offices, and other facilities. The Mil-tek provides general waste compactors with different sizes to cater varying needs of businesses related to mixed waste compacting solutions. By compacting general, food and hazardous waste in an X-Press waste compactor, businesses can optimize waste area, creating more space, less mess, better hygiene and solve the problem of overflowing bins.


The X-Press series of machines by Mil-tek is a perfect range of Garbage waste compactors which compact the mixed waste with ratio of 3 : 1 (minimum) and reduce waste disposal cost by more than 50%. 

Fill Loose Waste

Compact Waste in XP200s

10 Bags compacted into 1 Bag

Compaction Ratio up to 10:1

Savings from Day 1 with Mil-tek Rental Solution

Reduce Disposal Cost

  •  Save Disposal Cost by more than 50%
  •  Fewer Skips and no overflowing
  •  Save Space and Increase Storage Capacity

Maintain HSE Standards

  •  Increased hygiene and sanitation
  •  Reduced risk of vermin
  •  Reduced risk of Cross-contamination 

Reduce Carbon Footprints

  • Fewer Collection Trips
  • Optimized Transportation
  • Minimized Carbon Footprints

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XP200/XP200S Waste Compactor

10:1 compaction

Available in Stainless Steel

Hygienically reduces contamination risk

Compact general, kitchen and hazardous waste

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XP300 Waste Compactor

10:1 compaction

Improves security and safety

Air-powered, clean and hygienic

Fixed frame unit & sliding wagon

Suitable for kitchens & offshore environments

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