General / Mixed Waste Compacting Solutions 

3 to 1 Compaction Ratio   |   50% Savings on Disposal Cost   |   Increased Hygiene & Sanitation

Reduce Waste Disposal Cost by more than 50%

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The Mil-tek's waste compaction solutions are suitable for a variety of businesses such as kitchens, food preparation sites, hospitals, offices, and other facilities. The Mil-tek provides general waste compactors with different sizes to cater varying needs of businesses related to mixed waste compacting solutions. By compacting general, food and hazardous waste in an X-Press waste compactor, businesses can optimize waste area, creating more space, less mess, better hygiene and solve the problem of overflowing bins.

Fill Loose Waste

Compact Waste in XP200s

10 Bags compacted into 1 Bag

Compaction Ratio up to 10:1


The X-Press series of machines by Mil-tek is a perfect range of Garbage waste compactors which compact 10 bags of loose mixed waste into single compacted bag. The compaction ratio is 3 : 1 (minimum) and 10 : 1 (maximum). It means that disposal costs can be reduced by more than 50% and the waste is handled in a responsible environment-friendly manner. 

Savings from Day 1 with Mil-tek Rental Solution

Reduce Disposal Cost

  •  Save Disposal Cost by more than 50%
  •  Fewer Skips and no overflowing
  •  Save Space and Increase Storage Capacity

Maintain HSE Standards

  •  Increased hygiene and sanitation
  •  Reduced risk of vermin
  •  Reduced risk of Cross-contamination 

Reduce Carbon Footprints

  • Fewer Collection Trips
  • Optimized Transportation
  • Minimized Carbon Footprints

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XP200/XP200S Waste Compactor

10:1 compaction

Available in Stainless Steel

Hygienically reduces contamination risk

Compact general, kitchen and hazardous waste

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XP300 Waste Compactor

10:1 compaction

Improves security and safety

Air-powered, clean and hygienic

Fixed frame unit & sliding wagon

Suitable for kitchens & offshore environments

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