Paint Drum Crushers / Can Crushers 

90% Volume Reduction   |   Save on Disposal Cost   |   Compacting Tins & Cans up to 30 Litre

Ideal Compacting Solution for Metal Cans, Tins, Paint Cans and Drums

The Mil-tek offers a perfect solution for compacting tins, cans, buckets and paint drums of size up to 30 Litres. The volume is reduced by 90% and the disposal cost for hazardous waste materials is reduced by more than 50%. Many tins and cans contain hazardous waste such as oil, paint or other chemical substances which can be very expensive to dispose off.


The Mil-tek Can Crusher Model 2102 has a perfectly designed oil drainer which drains out the liquid materials into a bucket and compact the solid metals and tin cans. 

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2101 Can Crusher

Crush tins, cans and drums up to 30 litres

Low on noise, low on energy

Up to 90% compaction

Small footprint

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