Waste Management for Plastic & Packaging Industry

Lean Waste Solutions to minimize waste of time, space and money

Waste Compacting Solutions for

Trimming Waste  |   Packaging Waste   |   PET Bottles Waste | LDPE Plastic Waste | HDPE Bottles Waste


The Plastic and packaging companies generate different types of waste materials such as trimming waste, packaging waste, extrusion waste, shrink wraps (LDPE), pet bottles waste and HDPE bottles waste, etc. Mil-tek waste compacting solutions help these companies in reducing plastic waste volumes by 90%. 


We believe that waste handling has a significant impact on the efficiency of production and overall output of the packaging companies. Mil-tek can help in implementing a LEAN Waste Management Solution that will maximize the efficiency of production by reducing the waste of manpower, time and space to the optimum level.

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Key Benefits with Mil-tek's Lean Waste Management Systems

Ideal Example of a LEAN Factory

Mil-tek is passionate about providing manufacturers with lean waste recycling and waste management solutions that match unique requirements. We look at the type of waste, the volume, the space available and specific operational and hygiene standards. Our industry experts conduct detail surveys including time and motion studies and carbon footprint calculations to provide a tailored solution for your organization.


Mil-tek's range of air-powered balers and compactors can be powered from an existing air supply for an oil-free, low-noise solution. Our analysis and recommended solutions improve the workflow within the manufacturing process and contribute to a cleaner and greener image.

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Mil-tek Clients in Plastic & Packaging Industry

More than 40 plastic & packaging companies are using Mil-tek Plastic Balers