Waste Management for Food Manufacturing Industry

Lean Waste Solutions to manage waste effectively and reduce waste disposal cost 

Integrated and Hygienic Waste Management

90% Volume Reduction   |   Reduce Internal Logistics   |   Minimize Handling Cost   |   Increased Hygiene & Sanitation


Food production facilities have very specific requirements regarding waste management as they need to improve hygiene and sanitation besides reducing their disposal costs. The waste handling and recycling solution for food manufacturing industries needs to be integrated as a seamless part of the production, rather than being a by-product. Mil-tek's range of small footprint balers and compactors are precisely designed for such an environment: they are small-size, so can be installed close to waste generation points for easy handling of waste in best manner. 



From small to large-scale warehouses, Mil-tek understands the importance of an effective waste management and offers customized solutions to each logistic house or distribution center based on their individual requirements. is a crucial component. By minimizing waste at source, Mil-tek will ensure you minimize any time, space or money wasted on waste. Optimizing waste management in a logistics facility or a distribution center not only benefits the facility itself, it also benefits the environment by optimizing transportation and reducing carbon footprints. 

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General Waste Compacting Solution

Fill Loose Waste

Compact Waste in XP200s

10 Bags compacted into 1 Bag

Compaction Ratio up to 10:1


With Mil-tek General Waste Compactor Model X-Press 200s (Stainless Steel) waste can be compacted with 90% volume reduction. The XP200s waste compactor is suitable for a wide variety of locations including kitchens, food preparation sites, hotels & restaurants, hospitals and even off-shore environments. The number of Skips can be reduced with a ratio of 3:1 minimum and 10:1 maximum. 

Customer: Puratos Foods in Denmark
Material: Paper Sacks
Model: Mil-tek Baler Model 205x1 & 306Ex1

Customer: National Foods, Australia 
Material: Plastic & Cardboard
Model: Mil-tek Baler 205, 305, 306