Waste Management for Logistics & Distribution Centers

Lean Waste Solutions to manage waste effectively and reduce waste disposal cost 

Systematic & Organized Approach to Waste Management

Segregate and Compact Waste   |   Reduce Internal Logistics | Minimize Handling Cost | Increased Earnings on Recyclables


Mil-tek is passionate about providing logistics businesses with waste handling and recycling solutions that match their unique requirements based on waste volume and type of waste, space limitations and specific operational challenges.  Mil-tek experts identify the point of generation for different waste items and undertak Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to minimize the waste handling efforts and to increase efficiency of the system. 


From small to large-scale warehouses, Mil-tek understands the importance of an effective waste management and offers customized solutions to each logistic house or distribution center based on their individual requirements. is a crucial component. By minimizing waste at source, Mil-tek will ensure you minimize any time, space or money wasted on waste. Optimizing waste management in a logistics facility or a distribution center not only benefits the facility itself, it also benefits the environment by optimizing transportation and reducing carbon footprints. 


Efficient Waste Handling Process with Mil-tek Solution

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