Healthcare Waste Recycling & Management 

Healthcare facilities require smart waste solutions to maintain hygiene standards as well as to reduce costs 

Hygienic Waste Solution for Non-Medical Mixed Waste

90% Volume Reduction   |   Reduce Internal Logistics   |   Minimize Handling Cost   |   Increased Hygiene & Sanitation


Hospitals, health clinics, care homes and pharmaceutical manufacturers all have precise requirements when it comes to waste handling and recycling solutions. Between general, medical and kitchen waste, healthcare facilities produce a varied kind and volume of waste. Mil-tek specialises in solutions designed to minimize waste for healthcare facilities of all sizes and to help them reduce their disposal costs by more than 50% on non-medical waste. 

Mixed Waste Compacting Solution

Fill Loose Waste

Compact Waste in XP200s

10 Bags compacted into 1 Bag

Compaction Ratio up to 10:1


With Mil-tek General Waste Compactor Model X-Press 200s (Stainless Steel) waste can be compacted with 90% volume reduction. The XP200s waste compactor helps to manage non-medical waste in hygienic manner as waste is compacted within a bag which is sealed after compaction. It avoids bad odour, reduces vermin activity and improve health & safety standards. The number of waste skips is reduced with compaction ratio of 3:1 minimum. 




Recyclable Waste Compacting Solution

Higher Earnings on Baled Waste Items    |    No Capital Investment    |   Efficient Waste Handling    |    Reduced Carbon Footprints



Mil-tek has a wide range of Balers with variety of sizes and capacities to suit individual requirements of different customers. A single multi-purpose Baler machine can compact Cardboard/Paper, Plastic Wrappers, Plastic and even PET Bottles into highly compacted Bales. This helps in saving time, manpower, space and money on waste handling. The baled waste materials can be sold to recyclers at top market prices that not only helps the environment but also helps to increase earnings on waste.